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Kennedyn shooting....

keskiviikko 18. huhtikuuta 2012

The Kennedy assassination

In short,
police officer J.D. Tippit was the one shooting from the railway bridge.
police officer Wilson was the one shooting from the grass mound.
Joekim Brannersson was the one shooting from the Texas school book depository building.

Oswald was completely innocent of the whole crime and was unknowingly playing the main part in a play elaborately built and written by the American mafia in collaboration with a couple of bribed police officers.

Tippit was shot by Oswald’s look-a-like Larry Crafard. Police officer Wilson died of cancer nine years ago. Brannersson, on the other hand, disappeared on a trip abroad.

All the following knew from this beforehand:

Hoover from the CIA, Gerald Ford, John McCoy, the whole department of Dallas homicide investigation and a few other directors of the “performance”.
Ford and McCoy were members of Warren’s commission so… and Oswald’s wife also had a part in the play. I’m not going to reveal her share in the matter any further – I’m sure you understand why??

Ruby was paid to kill Oswald, and Ruby himself was poisoned in his cell. You see? If CIA had participated in the assassination, Kennedy would have been eliminated in a much more subtle way. Inner circle and such… But already then the president was being guarded so carefully that there was no other option for the mafia but to resort to explicit violence.

Just imagine the situation: They managed to lead Oswald to the sixth floor of the school book depository building and there he noticed the prearranged shooting position. At that moment Joakim shot the first two shots from the room next door. The shooting position that Oswald found had been staged for him, which obviously ended up being his undoing.
Oswald was a scapegoat one hundred percent.
Here you go.

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